at Wembley Park URC

Oct 2018 – Feb 2019

 For anyone who leads worship, would like to try, or wants to know more about it; a refresher for those who have done the course before.

What does it cover?

The course looks at the purpose and content of worship. It goes into detail about the parts which use Bible, music and prayer, with plenty of thinking, discussion and resources. Towards the end there will be the opportunity to put services together, first in small groups and then on your own.

 When and where will it happen?

The course includes 10 Study Units for group sessions, with exercises to be done individually in between, and 2 Study Days. The group sessions will be on Thursday evenings, 7.30-9pm, at Wembley Park URC, running fortnightly from 4th Oct to 13th Dec 2018, and 10th Jan to 21st Feb 2019. The Study Days are likely to be in October and January, dates yet to be confirmed.

 Does it require written work?

The course is discussion-based, and there is no need to produce written work (though you may want to keep your own notes). If you particularly want to work towards a qualification, then it is possible to register and have your written work assessed.

 What does it cost?

The course itself is free. The only cost is £4.50 for the workbook.

 How do I find out more?

The URC website https://urc.org.uk has details of the course. Anne Sardeson, the Synod training officer [email protected] can give more information, especially about registering for assessment. I am happy to chat through what the course involves, and have a sample copy of the workbook for you to look at.

Revd. Sue McCoan

020 8997 4585