What we offer


** The Church Centre is closed until further notice **

 The Centre is an important community resource offering meeting and counselling rooms, some permanent offices and space for church and leisure activities.  A large number of people, from many groups and organisations, pass through our doors, every day – on weekdays the centre is open from 8.45 am to 10.pm.

The Centre offers a wide choice of halls and rooms, ranging from the grandeur of the St Aidan’s Hall to the informality of a small meeting room, and are suitable for many uses: Conferences, Training Sessions, Committee Meetings, Children’s Groups, Exercise, Tutorials, Counselling and much more! The Centre is also home to three local charities and is used as an Arts and Social Centre by many groups.

The Centre is at the same location as the Church and you can find us here 

St Aidan’s Hall
104 sq. m.
Our prime venue, the St Aidan’s Hall is part of the original church built in 1875. This is an ideal venue for Conferences, Exhibitions, Award Ceremonies and Presentations. The light transforming stained glass windows and the serenely spiritual surroundings also make this an excellent venue for meditation and alternative therapy sessions. It can accommodate up to 60 people and benefits from an adjacent kitchen.

Johnston Memorial Hall
123 sq. m.
This large hall is particularly suitable for physical exercise sessions such as aerobics, karate and also children’s activity groups, etc.The hall has a platform which can be used for public speaking. It can accommodate up to 80 people, and benefits from an adjacent kitchen.

Current availability of Johnston Memorial Hall (from July 2019): 

Tuesdays  12.30 – 4.30; Thursdays 9.00 – 4.00; Fridays 9.00 – 5.00

Training Room 2
31 sq. m.
This bright, airy and adaptable room is ideal for training and educational sessions. It can accommodate up to 16 people boardroom style, or 20 people theatre style. A SASCO railing system allows flexible use of projector screens, white-boards, flipcharts, video etc.

Meeting Room 4
22 sq. m.
This versatile room and airy room can be used for formal and informal meetings and holds up to 8 people max. This room has been fitted with a SASCO railing system.

Meeting Room 6
21 sq. m.
This comfortable and versatile room could be used for small meetings/counselling sessions for up to 6 people max. It is fitted with a SASCO railing system.

Lounge Area

27 sq. m. A comfortable, open area suitable for small gatherings of 15 to 20 people.

Counselling Room 

A bright, pleasant room designed for 1 to 1 or small counselling sessions, interviews or appraisals.

Facility Information:

All the halls/rooms are fully accessible to people with disabilities.
Car-parking – 2 dedicated spaces for people with disabilities and a small car-park is available to users of St Andrew’s Church Centre facilities on a first come, first serve basis.
Lift access to each floor.
Conference equipment; flip chart stands, OHPs and a combination TV/Video can be provided.
Buffet lunch facilities are available through local caterers, who will deliver to the Centre.
Tea and coffee can be provided on request, or the use of shared kitchen facilities is available.
Charming reception area with seating, manned by the Centre staff.