Prayer at Rev Sue McCoan’s induction

God of abundance,

who calls us to rejoice, put aside our fear and celebrate,

we praise you for this unique event and this unique day

and for all that lies behind it;

for the profusion of creation (for the miracle of sunshine!)

for the wonder of human life

for the gentleness of your love for us in Jesus

who has called each of us to follow and to serve

and who has called Sue McCoan to serve these two churches,

in this part of London, in this synod of the URC;

and Jamie to accompany her,

you are near.

We thank you for your gift of peace, guarding our hearts and minds.

May we live abundantly, like you.


God of abundance,

we ask you to heal and forgive the habitual mean-ness of our daily lives,

that we wear anxiety like a blanket,

that we refuse the wine of life,

that we cherish our grudges.

Dissolve our petty selfishness in the light of your amazing grace.

May our ceremony today, and our lives every day, be worthy of your goodness and greatness.