Local Area Groups

Local Area Groups were set up by Thames North Synod in 2016 to
encourage local churches to work together and support each other. LAGs
are also involved in some of the business formerly undertaken by synod
Area Committees, including applications for grants, authorisation to preside
at sacraments and deployment of ministry, all under the oversight and
guidance of Synod.

St Andrew’s is part of the South West Area Group (SWAG), along with
Harlesden (Moravian/URC), Acton Hill (Methodist/URC), Ealing Green
(Methodist/URC), Holy Trinity Perivale, Wembley Park URC, Brentford
(Baptist/URC), Hounslow URC and Heston Asian Church.

The SWAG steering group, which has representatives from each of the
churches, meets 3 times a year (by Zoom in the winter months). There
have been joint services, mostly online, and occasional days of training.
Churches in the group have shared local preachers.

There is now a move to look to greater cooperation with neighbouring
LAGs, and possible mergers to make the groups more viable.