Sunday online worship

Revd Sue McCoan will lead us in worship at the usual time, via Zoom, jointly with Wembley Park URC and Holy Trinity Perivale URC.

Ideally, you will already have downloaded the free Zoom app, but even without doing so it should work simply by following the link below:

And there is a free landline phone number (2 alternatives given) to call for everyone who is not online, followed by the meeting ID number (below).

0800 260 5801  or     0800 031 5717 

Meeting ID: 890070385  followed by # twice

Both the phone number and meeting ID should be the same each week.

Please join us from 1015am (with piano music as we settle ourselves) for a prompt 1030 start. The service will be 30-40 minutes. 

Zoom allows you to see who is speaking and the other participants. You can choose to be seen – so have a think what you are wearing and what’s behind you in the picture! – or just choose to have your name showing and the standard blank design.

Sound is all important. I will mute everyone apart from the person due to speak until after the service, when you will be able to say hello (in a digital cacophony!) Whoever is speaking loudest cuts out everyone else, which is why we can’t all have open microphones during the service.

Please be patient with the technology, we are all learning!

The service is open to all and please feel free to pass this on to friends who might like to attend. All are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Peter Knowles (Elder)