Resuming worship in church

Grace and peace be with you. I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.

Recent changes to lockdown restrictions mean we may now worship again in our church buildings. Some of you will be eager to get back as soon as possible; other may be wary, or even fearful, about venturing out. Many have valued the wider fellowship of the online services.

We will return to church cautiously and in stages – and nobody should feel under any pressure to attend, including elders. Our priority has to be keeping each other safe. If you feel unwell, then please stay away as an act of care and love towards everyone else.

Our first service in church will be on Sunday 26th July. After that, until the end of September, the plan is to have a mix of worship in church and by Zoom, including some evening services by Zoom. Communion services will be by Zoom to avoid any problems with passing round bread and wine. A detailed schedule to the end of September is provided overleaf.

Changes in church

You will be asked to use the hand sanitiser or wash your hands on arrival, and to keep 2 metres apart from each other. We have removed some chairs from the sanctuary to enable distancing. There will be a one-way system – we will come in via the Link corridor but out through St Aidan’s Hall. We won’t shake hands, or have any refreshments after worship.

In the service, we are not allowed to sing. The collection plate will be by the door and will not be passed round. The hymn books and pew bibles will be removed but words will continue to be displayed on the screen.

We will continue to follow the latest advice from the government and the URC.


Changes to Zoom Joining Instructions  AFTER 19th JULY

There is a new meeting id:   824 9005 1654

To join from a landline phone, ring any of these numbers (call is NOT FREE but is charged at standard rates):

0203 051 2874                       0203 481 5237

0203 481 5240                       0203 901 7895

Direct link:


Schedule of Sunday Services July-Sept

The pattern is 2nd and 3rd Sundays by Zoom, the rest in church.

26th July     10.30am  

CHURCH                     Peter Knowles


                      6  pm Zoom                               Marion McNeill
2nd Aug      10.30am  

CHURCH                         Sue McCoan


                      6 pm Zoom                                Lay Preacher
9th Aug       10.30am  

Zoom +Communion       Sue McCoan


16th Aug     10.30am  

Zoom                                               tbc


23rd Aug     10.30am  

CHURCH                    Elizabeth Welch


                       6pm Zoom                                Lay Preacher
30th Aug     10.30am  

CHURCH                     Worship Group


                       6pm Zoom                               Lay Preacher
6th Sept      10.30am  

CHURCH                         Sue McCoan


                      6pm Zoom                                Lay Preacher
13th Sept    10.30am  

Zoom +Communion       Sue McCoan


20th Sept    10.30am  

Zoom                                               tbc


27th Sept    10.30am  

CHURCH                       Peter Knowles


                       6pm Zoom                                Lay Preacher


Thank you so much for your patience and your care.

Every blessing,



Revd Sue McCoan  020 8997 4585    07407 177224                    St Andrew’s Ealing

4 July 2020


Please see our Risk Assessment for the church

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