Companions on the Way: Exploring the Emmaus Story

Walking the Way has produced a Bible Study resource, ‘Companions on the Way’, to help congregations explore the significance of the Emmaus story from the Gospel of Luke in our own Walk with Jesus today.On the road to Emmaus, the friends of Jesus come across something which forces them to STOP in their tracks, LOOK at what is being revealed to them, LISTEN to the word of God in fresh, new ways and, having gone through this reflective process, WALK forward in the way which God has guided them towards.local congregations explore the Emmaus story from the gospel of Luke, an account which highlights the main challenges of Walking the Way of Jesus.

Check out each section of the resource and see what resonates with your own journey of faith. Each section looks at a different piece of the passage, offers a short reflection, gives an example of someone who has gone through a similar experience in today’s times, something to ponder, a prayer and a suggested response.

You can either download each section individually:






Or you can download the full resource here.