Armistice Day 1918

Special Thanksgiving Services were held in the church in connection with the cessation of hostilities in the Great War.  On Sunday, the 10th , Mr Wylie announced that if official notice were made on the following day that the Armistice had been signed there would be a Special Service in the church that evening.  Despite the inclement weather a very large congregation assembled to join in praise and prayers of thanksgiving.

On Sunday, November 17th, services were held in connection with the National Thanksgiving, when there were very large attendances.  A special feature of the day was the United Service in the afternoon at which Rev C J Sharp MA, Vicar of Ealing was the preacher.  The lessons were read by Rev J Broadhurst Nichols of West Ealing Congregational Church and Mr Wylie took the prayers.

The report concluded with the Roll of Honour listing the names of all the names from St Andrew’s who had enlisted to serve to during the First World War.  It is sobering to see that there were 148 names on the list, of whom 22, whose names are listed on the Memorial, were killed, 1 was missing, 1 was a Prisoner of War, 4 were wounded and 4 were discharged.  A big price was indeed paid in the name of peace.