Wool ‘n Yarn Knitters

The Wool ‘n Yarn Knitters have been meeting in the Reception area on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoon each month from 2.00 – 3.30pm since 11 June 2013. It is a small group of knitters who meet together – some were complete novices to knitting when they began but are now gaining more confidence as the weeks go by.

We knit simple shawls, wraps, scarves and knee blankets; together with knitted squares/ rectangles – which are sewn together into blankets.  We also knit cardigans and hats etc for premature babies.   All the items are given away either to someone we know or we hear about who is in need of comfort and a warm, woolly and comforting ‘hug’.   It may be someone we know of – or hear about – who has received a serious diagnosis or undergoing treatment.  It may be someone who is lonely, or who is feeling sad; or someone who has been recently bereaved.  Perhaps it is someone who is a carer and who would appreciate of bit of TLC themselves.  All the completed items have a personalised message/prayer attachedwith love from the WOOL N’ YARN KNITTERS of St Andrews Church’.

The group is part of a loose-knit (pardon the pun!) ecumenical UK-wide network that is ‘knitting people together’.   We have also registered with the UK Hand Knitting Association.

If you would like to join us (even if you do not know how to knit) we would be very pleased to welcome you to the group.  We have the needles and the wool just waiting for you to cast on and knit…………

Marion McNeill