Synod Green Day

Synod Green Day – Saturday 8th July

The message of Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist and Christian, in her book
Saving Us, is that the most important things we can do in the face of the
impending climate disaster is to talk about it. That’s exactly what we did at the
Synod Green Day in early July.

Fifty of us gathered at Cores End Church in High Wycombe. We talked to God
in worship; we listened to God (and rain, thunder and lightning) in a sensory
prayer walk in the beautiful meadow behind the church; we listened and talked
to each other as we studied some challenging Bible texts about our relationship
with Creation.

And then, after a picnic lunch in the now-dry church grounds, we shared,
market-stall-style, ideas about what we can do as individuals and in our churches
to slow global heating. There were stalls for Worship and Teaching, Building
Management, Land Management, Community and Global Engagement, and
Lifestyle. We were able to touch and feel and discuss some electric cars and to
build a bug hotel. Then after a couple of short presentations on Forest Church
and Campaigning we went outside to watch the Moderator plant a tree (a

Here’s a picture of that, with some of the so-called ‘Green Apostles’ who have
been appointed to encourage Synod members to engage with the issues. At least
two of us should look familiar!

As we left, there was a party bag with information leaflets and seed bombs to
take home,

Revd Maggie Hindley