Re-Imagine Church

Imagine a church where the one and only priority was to equip disciples for their daily lives. Imagine a church where each person had confidence in the gospel; where each had a clear sense that wherever they were, whatever they were doing, they were part of God’s mission. Imagine a church that cared more about supporting you in your workplace, than in getting you to come to more events at church. Imagine if that church was St Andrew’s, Ealing…

On 24th June, a group of URC church leaders met at Welwyn Garden City to share in this imagining. Led by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, we looked at the idea of our ‘frontline’ – which might be our workplace, family, leisure activities, wherever we find ourselves in daily life. The ‘frontline’ is where we do mission – not the evangelistic conversation which so many dread, not inviting people to church, but simply doing our task well and helping other people to flourish.

The joy of this is that it’s not a programme or course and doesn’t require extra work. Rather, it is a change of perspective and emphasis that can energise what we already do. It may not bring in any new church members. But if it can strengthen and inspire our own discipleship, and invigorate our mission, then we grow in faith as we grow the kingdom.

I bought the book and will be reading it over the summer. I hope to bring you more information and ideas in the autumn

Revd Sue McCoan