London Autism Group Charity – Ealing launch

London Autism Group Charity is launching a drop-in autism community café at St Andrew’s
Church in Ealing

The London Autism Group Charity are launching a new drop-in autism community cafe
scheme for the autism community in Ealing, starting in February 2023.
The community café will be at the St Andrew’s Church in Ealing (Mount Park Rd, London,
W5 2RS) every first Saturday of the month, at 1.30pm – 3.30pm. The charity is having the
brief launch ceremony on 4th February at 1.15pm where there will be time to meet the
team, answer questions and take some photos. Local MPs have also been invited.

The scheme is aimed at anyone with an interest or connection with autism and
neurodiversity, including Autistics (of any age), parents, carers and allies. It is entirely free,
with biscuits, cakes, drinks and sensory toys available, and no pre-registration required.

Regarding what the initiative is trying to achieve, Charity lead, and co-lead of this initiative,
Dr Chris Papadopoulos said:
“Up to now, there haven’t been many clear opportunities for Autistics – and the wider
autism community – to regularly come together in a safe, accessible, inclusive place so they
can meet others, relax in a friendly and welcoming space. This is really important because
autistic people, as well as family carers, can be very vulnerable to feeling isolated,
misunderstood and not accepted. So this scheme helps push back against that by enabling
people to connect, develop friendships, and get support.”

Jenny Teuten, who has an autistic brother and is co-lead of the initiative, said:
“I’m so glad there’s going to be an inclusive space for my brother. Diagnosed 10 years ago at
the age of 56, this is the first time he’ll be meeting other autistic people of all ages
and backgrounds.”

Kirsty Lavender-Newns, who is autistic, lives in Ealing and is supporting the initiative, said:
“The community is run by Autistic people, which helps to ensure that the cafe is a truly open
and inclusive space for anyone to learn more about autism and connect with other people.
Plus, we have biscuits.”

Dr Chris Papadopoulos – email: [email protected], tel: 07719021766
London Autism Group Charity – email: [email protected], website: