Japanese Calligraphy Classes

Kashuu Japanese calligraphy Art -Kids Class   (日本習字財団)

The Japanese Calligraphy kids class is designed to learn the basics of
Japanese calligraphy as well as creating a piece of Japanese calligraphy.
The teacher is a Master of Japanese Calligraphy with over 33 years of
calligraphy experience.

The lesson includes:
・ Japanese calligraphy technique from basic
・ Create your own Japanese calligraphy art
・ Japanese language and culture
・ Concentration/calming and meditating
・ Submit artworks to The Japan Calligraphy foundation in Japan once a
month. Entitled to get grades/qualifications in Japanese calligraphy.
・We perform at Japan Matsuri Festival once a year.  www.japanmatsuri.com

Website: www.kashuucalligraphy.com
Email: [email protected]