Ealing Foodbank and Covid19

Ealing Foodbank has regrettably had to close all the client centres across the  borough but, as from today, clients who have a food voucher are to be directed to the Ealing Foodbank warehouse, which is situated behind St Mellitus Church, Church Road Hanwell.
It will be open to clients to collect their food parcel on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday between the hours of 10.00an and 12.00 noon.
Anyone who wishes to make food donations should either leave them in the supermarket Foodbank boxes or take them direct to the Ealing Foodbank Warehouse behind St Mellitus Church on a Wednesday ONLY between the hours of either 10.00am to 12.00noon or 1.00pm to 4.00pm.  As St Andrew’s is closed we are unable to accept any donations at the Church for the foreseeable future.
Financial donations can be made on the Ealing Foodbank website: www.ealing.foodbank.org.uk.
We are unable to give food to anyone who does not have a voucher, they must contact the agency who is helping them deal with their crisis and they will issue a voucher (eg Job Centre, the school which their child attends, Age UK, Social Services, Local Welfare Assistance etc).
Any questions please refer to the Ealing Foodbank website, if that does not answer your question please send an email to [email protected]
I hope this information is of help to you or someone you may know who is in food crisis.