Dolce Senso- Weekend Healthy Baking

Weekend Healthy Baking Classes

Spend time with your friends learning new healthy baking recipes and enjoying a fun, creative atmosphere.

This class is for children between 5 and 11 years old, who loves Baking and have a passion for a healthy lifestyle.

If your child is younger, he/ she can join us with staying in parent / carrier.

We do believe, that the children have to start building healthy habits from a very young age and while having fun with preparing their own desserts and snacks, they learn important life skills and develop all their Senses.

We will explore each week a new sweet or savoury recipe and we will be discussing how to reduce and replace white sugar with healthier alternatives like brown sugar, maple syrup, blue agave. We will also learn about the different types of flour. Every week your child will take home a box with their creation to bake at home and try as a snack or dessert.

Our goals are:

–          Building Healthy Habits

–          Develop Math, Science, Chemistry Skills

–          Develop all Senses

–          Learning without being aware of it, it’s equal to fun

–          Building and develop life skills

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