Church membership – for you?

Have you thought about becoming a church member? Do you wonder what membership entails?

Becoming a church member is an act of commitment: commitment to God, and also to the local congregation. For people who were baptised as infants it can be part of their adult profession of faith. For those who have belonged to other churches, it is a way of saying that this is now the church where I will work out my faith, and these are the people I trust to support me on that journey.

There are some practical privileges. Being a church member means you can vote at church meetings. And after 2 years of membership, you are eligible to be elected as an elder, or put to be forward as a candidate for ministry.

There are also responsibilities. It is the shared responsibility of church members to uphold the mission of the church. It is for you to discern, with God’s help, what that will mean to you. Often it will involve a financial commitment; always it should involve prayer.

We are planning to run a short course in the New Year for anyone who would like to find out more. If you’re interested in joining the course, please speak to your elder, church secretary or minister.

Rev. Sue McCoan