Church Away Day Sat 6th Sep

St. Andrew’s Away Day Sat 6th Sep 2014

Niland Conference Centre, Bushey Heath

Spending time together to think and pray about our future life as a church


10am             Arrivals – Coffee and baby photo wall

1030am        Opening Worship led by Anne Byfield

11am            ‘Season of Invitation’ Peter Knowles

How we can use landmark services to invite people to church

1120am        St. Andrew’s at worship

Discussions in groups on our worship life, regular and occasional  

1200pm        St. Andrew’s at worship

Discussions in groups on Junior Church and the prayer life of St. Andrew’s

1240pm        Lunch and a time to explore and to experience a Prayer  Walk, led by Fergus Urquhart

2pm               Bible Study: from Corinthians and Acts

Readings to help us think about church life and mission

2.30pm         St. Andrew’s and the world

Discussions in groups on St. Andrew’s and the wider community

3.10pm         Summary and conclusions from groups, led by Ellen Quaye

3.30pm         Tea and coffee

3.45pm         Singing Together Kaye Knowles helps us find our voice!

4.15pm         Closing Worship led by Peter Knowles

4.45pm         Departures