Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week.  14-20 May

Doesn’t time fly? It’s that time of year again, with Christian Aid Week just around the corner.

Because of the pandemic we were unable to host our usual pancake parties and cake sales but last year we still managed to raise £324.68 in contributions.  This went a long way to help Jessica and her family who featured in the Christian Aid leaflets along with others in Zimbabwe.   So, a big thank you to all who helped with door-to-door collections, envelopes and plate contributions.

This year, we will be raising funds for Esther and people in Malawi.

We will be having a

Cake Sale on Sunday 14th May

Please bring your home-made cakes, scones, pies etc. for the sale

I know times are hard, with the cost of living and everything going up in price, but thank you in advance for your continued help for Christian Aid

Every little helps.

Thank you

Hetty Tandoh