Chair Yoga

Unless you have visited the Church Centre on a Monday morning, or have walked along Mount Park Road between 11.30 and 1.00 you will not have seen the Chair Yoga class taught by Mr Mehran Ghodsi.   Several church members and many people from the local community have benefited from the workshops which began in February 2018.   Mehran also teaches a class at Holy Trinity Perivale URC.

Mehran has been practicing yoga for many years is an experienced yoga teacher.  In 2005 he started a two-year teaching training course with the British Wheel of Yoga.   Having qualified, he taught a class to his colleagues in Harrods where he was working in the finance department.   After he retired, he continued to practise.   He has a passion for yoga which he enjoys sharing with others.

When asked the question, “What is Yoga?”, Mehran replies:

The word Yoga means to unite.  On a simple level this is the uniting of mind and body in the present which can bring peace and harmony.

Yoga allows us to look within and become calm, balanced and strong.

Yoga is the best possible exercise for improving suppleness and flexibility.   However, yoga postures are more than physical poses.   They work on mind and spirit, and promote increased awareness, vitality and inner peace.

Yoga is not a religion; it is a discipline without dogma.   Therefore, a person of any faith or fellowship can be considered a yogi.

Both men and women attend the classes.  There is no need for fancy sports-wear, simply loose, comfortable clothes and bare feet.  People often think that chair yoga is an easy option, but it requires effort, concentration and awareness. We do use chairs but we also have standing exercises.   We perform the movements slowly and smoothly, making sure that we do not strain or force the body further than is natural.   Focussing on correct breathing rhythms is essential.

Classes usually cover the following

Stretching- Warming up

Asanas (Postures)

Pranayama (Breath control)

Darana (Concentration)

Dhyana ( Meditation)