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Alfredo Procaccini is a Psychologist, Counsellor, Coach and Naturopathist with over 25 years experience of working with individuals, couples, children and groups. He also holds qualifications in Hypnosis, Child Psychology, NLP and CBT.  This forms a unique combination of training which can be pivotal in cases where there might be also biochemical imbalances as well as yearnings for personal growth and change. He successfully treats a variety of conditions: from Alcohol/Substance Abuse to Specific phobias, from Anxiety to Schizophrenia, from Self-esteem to Insomnia.
Lastly, Alfredo also specializes in marriage and couples counselling, often helping couples make significant changes in a short-term time period. You may want to experience more motivation, better relationships, or understand and eliminate barriers that get in the way of your goals for a better quality of life. Having insight into the underlying “stuff” that people bring to the table can have tremendous impact when it comes to creating changes.  Whatever your goals, Alfredo will help you identify destructive thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and learn how to address the chronic patterns that cause suffering.
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