Baby bank

On Tuesday 15th January The Salvation Army in Ealing opened its doors for the first Baby Bank session. The Baby Bank is a collection of good quality mostly second hand baby clothes and equipment made available to families who for whatever reason are struggling with the cost of having a child. We also have a collection of maternity clothes for mums too. The idea is that once a week (Tuesday 2-5pm) families can come and receive practical help as well as a listening ear.

The Baby Bank is for children aged between 0 – 24months.

There is a referral process in place with a number of local charities and organisations holding referral vouchers but families can self-refer too.

We are looking for volunteers, people who are good at chatting and listening who would be willing to sit with a cup of tea and ask that all important question “how are you” to the families that might not have anyone else that asks.

We are also looking for people who can make drinks, welcome at the front door and have a good eye to sort through donations.

We accept donations of all baby clothes and equipment, except electricals, car seats and mattresses.

If you are interested in volunteering with us and would like to find out some more information please email: [email protected], or call us on: 02088400348.